Helpful Resume Tips

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Writing a resume can be nerve wracking, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some helpful tips and tricks that will make the process easier:

Think About Your Skills

When describing previous positions, don’t list duties, list skills. For example, instead of writing, “performed data entry,” write, “used MS Office expertise and attention to detail to enter data accurately.” This method allows you to tailor your resume to the skills listed in a job posting.

Format Wisely

Use keywords to your advantage. For example, when a job posting requires particular skills or attributes, ensure those keywords  stand out. Bullet points can also effectively highlight your skills in an easily readable format. Remember, too much text can hide your skills and the key words those reading your resume are searching for. Last but not least, keep your format simple. Fancy fonts and a complicated layout may look nice on a printed page, but frequently become mangled and difficult to read online.

Identify Quantifiable Accomplishments

When outlining your accomplishments, make them concrete. For example, instead of writing, “managed employees,” write, “managed 30 employees.”  If you increased profits, include the percentage increase. Being specific will give employers the chance to more fully understand your role and impact in previous jobs and how you would perform in a new position.

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